Wednesday, 16 May 2018

How white board animation videos brings a value to your business?

When anything is really easy to make every customer understand to get good reach, do we say no?
Obviously not!

Well, Whiteboard animation is one of a kind which helps every businessmen to grab a potential and positive customer. It’s a fact that white board animation increases the business productivity to the next level.

What is Whiteboard Animation? And who do it better for me?

Whiteboard animation is a highly effective platform where you can tell any story in a creative manner with images drawn on the white screen based on the scripts.

Telco Communications from Bangalore who is versatile in doing every animation video is the best whiteboard animation company to make it better. They make scripts very crisp and exact to the message which grabs every audience attention.


·         Interactive: Whiteboard animation gives the video a good structure based on the scripts and also makes the audience very anxious in understanding. And it brings more convenience and flexibility for viewers. Comparing to other promotional videos, white board animation cost you low. It’s because the charge is based on the number of minutes the video has contains. Any business people from local business to higher level can make use of this whiteboard animation video as a marketing tool.

·         Makes production easy: Since the whiteboard animation consumes very less time it gives a good outcome within a short time period. Whiteboard animation gives your business a professional look and great standard to gain more customers. There is no complication when it comes to whiteboard it makes any kind of complex message into a simple one. It brings the good engagement to your business as well as your audience.

·         Very Reliable: Animated characters are very effective and makes the people remembers it forever. According to that fact, we can create our own character which is more expressive and meaning conveying to the audience. So that they will compare and relate themselves to the characters in the video. Human mind keeps everything it sees in a visual form than the textual. So it’s more obvious to use whiteboard animation to bring the reliability to any business.

·         Bigger Sales and Brand Promotion: Sales & Promotion is the two main factor which every business minds thinks when it comes to marketing. Whiteboard animation highly helps to convert every viewers as a customer by promoting the video in an interesting and fun full manner. For that every promotional video should clarifies its product & services very well. So whiteboard animation is the best choice to do it.

·         Best for B2B and B2C: A white board animation video help the B2B and B2C business person to break down all the difficulties in every conversion and business transaction. Because it shows the fun aspect of the company in a dedicated way. It can be used in every industries like education, fashion, architecture, art, engineering, IT, etc. It gives the business a good reach & long lasting impressions.

How it improvises your business:

Have your ever created a white board animation for your business which increases your ROI? Then make a use of it with best video production agency called Telco Communications from Bangalore.
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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

The Importance of Branding in Your Marketing Strategy

The Importance of Branding in Your Marketing Strategy

When it comes to Business Marketing and Advertising the Business product, Branding plays the major role. We have seen so many business products reached to an unexpected level and also became so successful it’s all because of the creative branding.

The Importance of Branding in Your Marketing Strategy

Most of the people don’t understand the importance of it. And yet they didn’t even know why branding is needed and really what it is!


Branding is the image of your business product or service that customers connects and identifies with the name, logo, slogan and innovative design of your company.

There are many branding companies available but whom you choose is the real game.

Telco Communications is one of the best branding and advertising professionals in Bangalore. They work very hard not only to get the recognition to your brand but also the reputation which a brand should hold on for the lifetime

They clearly know that branding is not just a logo or the colors, it’s something more than that.
Brand is the personality of your business which helps to bring the additional revenue to the business.

Why branding is so important? What Telco really focuses on?

·         Branding increases the awareness: A brand with a good image increases the awareness about the business. It happens only when the brand is emotionally connected with the customers.
It helps a lot to the company who clearly know their audience and what they really gets out of the business service. Apart from everything, the company should also work on to stay different from their competitors.

·         Branding brings you more customers: Making the existing customers satisfy and also bringing the new customers is a great task. But with branding it’s really very easy. A brand logo is not just a simple thing. Logo helps any business to get the impression and makes the remembrance in front of the targeted audience. Once if the business gets a good image then making it popular is just a piece of cake and it’s totally in the hands of business professionals.

·         Branding builds the confidence: Building the confidence into the customers can be done perfectly only when the brand image reaches its right audience. It attracts the customers and also bring the loyalty into them.  A brand should communicate with the customers, it should explore your business values. Once it’s all done, a simple word of mouth is highly enough to attract more customers and there is no best advertising technique than that.

·         Branding makes others feel good: People wants to share about any business product only when it’s having a good reputation. An employee who works in a company, a customer who uses any branded product, whoever it is, they will share their work place or suggest the business product only when the company is having good image and also make them to feel proud using it.

A brand should only get a good and strong image. If it goes wrong even in a single place then everything goes wrong. So make your brand to reach across the target audience and also to get good business.

Telco Communications is here to help you to bring the reputation.
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Saturday, 5 May 2018

What are Meta Tags and why is it important?

What are Meta Tags and why is it important?

Usage of Tags should be good, relevant and proper when it comes to on-page optimization. One of the most important tag is Meta Tag.

What is Meta Tag?
Meta Tags are little descriptions about each web page which appears in Search Engine Result Page as a link that helps search engine to know what the webpage is all about.

It always appears in the HTML source code not in the webpage.

What are the types of Meta Tags?
        Title Tag: Title Tag is the headline or topic of a particular web page which is clickable. The character limit for title tag is 50-60

    In the source code you can see it like this: <title> I am Title </title>

·         Meta description Tag: Meta description Tag is the short description of a webpage which highly      helps the user to know about the webpage before entering into it. The character limit for Meta tag  description is 160.

In the source code it looks like: <Meta name= “description” Content= “description about the webpage”>

·         Keyword Tag: Google considered the Keyword Meta tags are valuable in SEO previously. Now   Google don’t consider keywords as a ranking factor. It automatically knows the keyword based   on the page content.

There is no limit for keyword Meta tags since it’s ignored. But other search engines like Bing, Yahoo considers these tags as a ranking factor.

In the source code it looks like: <Meta name=”Keywords” Content=”keywords relevant to the page”>

·         Robot Tag: Meta Robot Tag is the tag which says search engine crawler what to follow and what not to follow.

There are four main function under Meta Robot Tag:

-          Follow- Orders the crawler to FOLLOW the links in the webpage

<Meta name=”Robots” Content=”FOLLOW”>

-          No Follow- Orders the crawler NOT to FOLLOW the links in the webpage

<Meta name=”Robots” Content=”NO FOLLOW”>

-          Index- Orders the crawler to INDEX the webpage into the storage

<Meta name=”Robots” Content=”INDEX”>

-          No Index- Orders the crawler NOT to INDEX the webpage into the storage

<Meta name=”Robots” Content=”NO INDEX”>

Benefits of Meta Tags:

·         Title tags helps highly to create a good impact in search engines

·         Meta description clearly conveys the search engine about the webpage

·         Keywords helps few search engines to make their search easy

·         Robot command the crawler what to do and what no to do

Since everything is a processed and understandable way for search engines it helps a lot for web users to select their relevant search. But to make all the on-page optimization perfect every businessmen needs an expert.

Telco Communications helps every business person with good SEO techniques to make the site appear at the top places. They are highly indulged in delivering quality services to every business clients. They also provide some more valuable services like:

-          2d animation
-          3d animation
-          Video Marketing
-          Corporate Video Making
-          Branding
-          Digital Marketing and other innovative services

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Friday, 4 May 2018

What Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) And Why Is It Important

What Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) And Why Is It Important

It has become essential everywhere from a small business to large business to have SEO for their better online presence.
What is SEO?
Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your entire website to increase the search engine visibility and be at the top in SERP result page by increasing the website traffic. It can be done in two ways:
-                                       -   On-Page Optimization
-                                       -   Off-Page Optimization
    But why everyone needs it?
-      - To increase the reach and Brand Awareness
-      - To increase the Website Traffic
-      - To stay at the top 5 places in SERP result Page
-     -  For good User Experience
-      - For better Potential Conversion

   Let’s see things in detail
·* Reach & Brand Awareness: From people perspective whatever the SERP result shows at the top is the best. So you have to highly focus on bringing the top rank to the website. If user sees the relevant content in your site, obviously they will start approaching you for business and thereby you will get a good brand awareness when they start telling about your services to their friends.
·*  Increasing website traffic: It’s an important thing in SEO. There are so many factors when it comes to website traffic.
1)    Getting Social
2)    Perfect On-page optimization
3)    Using Long-tail keywords
4)    Backlinks
5)    Using Content strategy
6)    Submitting Articles, Directories
7)    Submitting Blogs, Images, Video and Info graphics
8)    Guest blogging
9)    Going for Paid Advertising and many other
 * Occupying top 5 places: The factors which comes under increasing the website traffic is the key to be at the top 5 in SERP.
      If we done all those things at once is it enough?
     No! Every day the Google algorithm’s changes, people requirement also changes, so it’s always necessary that you should follow and make things better. Maintaining your website with good content, optimized images, good speed and performance is the must thing.
Keeping your online reputation good is an important thing to get the people trust.
Good User Experience: Search Engines shows site at the top when the site is really good in speed, performance, good usability and interaction.
So building up your website which gives user the better experience always works better to attract more number of audience and also bringing them back to your site
Potential Conversion: Off course every business person will look for better conversion. Getting good number of leads via SEO is a great achievement. But focusing on few factors is very important to get the best result.
A better SEO is equals to better Potential Conversion.
Hope you have got an idea about SEO and its importance. But who makes it better is a challenge for business people to find.
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Thursday, 3 May 2018

Which are the best digital marketing agencies in Bangalore

How to choose the best digital marketing agency? Which are the best digital marketing agencies in Bangalore

Choosing the right Digital Marketing Company that is relevant to your business and business services is always a tough task.

So what are all the main factors that we should consider? How that helps us to get good business?

Step 1: Choose Agency based on your niche:

Giving all your business details to an agency which totally differs from your niche leads to waste of time and money. For example, you want to do digital marketing services for your hospital and you are giving all your data to an agency who works on real estate.

How do you think it works well?

Here the problem is, they don’t know anything about hospital industry. So what they do? They will take lot of time to do research on your niche, analyze it and then they takes up your project to the next level till then all your competitors will be having good business

That’s how the scenario goes.

But what if you get the best Digital Marketing Company who focuses on all types of Niche and saves your time and money and gives you the best services with Good Quality?

Will you say no?

No! Right?

Yes! Telco Communications is the company in Bangalore who is well- specialized in serving good digital marketing services for all types of niche. They provide SEO, SMM, PPC, e-mail marketing for all types of business. They highly-focused on Customer Satisfaction with Quality deliverables at the right time.

Step 2: List out your requirements in detail:

This is the major point where you have to concentrate on. Before going to any digital marketing agency, analyze your requirements properly.

What are the skills you already possess and in what other skills you are lacking

Converse well with your marketing team, understand what improvement gives you the best results, List it out and then take it to your digital marketing agency

Don’t have a thought that the biggest agency is always the best. It’s not that way! Many people are now started doing this services. So don’t go and fall where you have to invest a lot just because the firm is popular. But finding the right one is going to be your choice.

Step 3: Don’t go for cheap cost:

When it comes to digital marketing and especially SEO services don’t hold on yourself. If u think a lot you won’t get good results but at the same time don’t invest on things which is not in your requirement list.

And also never go for the services who says they will do it for the cheap cost. It’s absolutely fake!
So try to tie-up your business who is Ethical in Serving Business to their clients.

Step 4: Maintain Long-term relationship:

Gaining a good result and stopping the business relationship is not good. Always be in touch with your service providers. 

In future, your business needs may vary, your employee size may increase, you may offer additional useful services to your client, so during that time don’t go and search for the agency again and waste your time

Conclusion: Do research about the agency, what they are about, what they actually do and how their way of marketing works and check their accountability. Digital marketing is the best way to make your brand to reach more people and claim good business with good clients. So get it done perfect with right hands!

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