Wednesday, 30 September 2020


   5 Essential Elements for Perfectly Optimized Content

Optimizing the contents of your website is no rocket science; all you need to do is to adopt the best practices of content optimization. This article here will cover a few of the most important features for optimizing any content. The five essential elements for a perfectly optimized content are as follows:


1.     Content:


The first and foremost importance should be given to the content of any website for the optimization. While preparing the website for your business one should always keep the essential information from the customer. How much content you have loaded on a webpage of your website is also very important and about 500 words is a good average. We should interestingly write the content and avoid being repetitive.

2.  Keyword Research:

Keywords are those words or terms that any user types into the search bar of a search engine like Google, Binge, etc. to find a relevant website. Therefore it is really important to have the relevant keywords in your content so that your webpage is found in the search engine results. A good keyword is one that is continuously being searched on Google and is also relevant to your business. The use of keywords in the title and the content of the webpage make your website’s chances high to be found in Search Engine Results Pages.

To fit in the correct keywords in your content is a difficult and tricky challenge. There are some free as well as paid services available to find the correct keywords for your content. Google’s keyword planner and SEMRush are some of the most popular tools for this. These tools help find the keywords being searched by the users.


3. Optimize Page’s Meta Title and Meta Description:


The title which is displayed in the Search Engine Results Pages is called Meta Title. The maximum numbers of characters that can be displayed in Search Engine Results Pages are limited to 55 only. Therefore a good meta title must have 2-3 main keywords in it and they should be so, that they can properly define the business and can motivate the users to click on your website.

The search engine result pages also show the description beneath the meta title, it is called a meta description and is limited up to 150 characters. This meta description can also have 3 keywords of your content. The meta description should be such that it clearly describes your business and motivate users to click on the link.


4. Backlinks:


A backlink can be viewed as third party people promoting your business. This can be done by creating some seriously good content and/or publishing some interesting news or articles on your webpage. By this, you will be able to attract others to take a note of you. You may also contact some websites or bloggers who write about your business area.


5. Social media:


In today's world, social media is by far the most popular and easiest way to connect with your customers and give them the updates of your business. It can be really helpful in promoting your products and services. You can post some interesting content about your business in the form of images and videos.


By optimizing the contents of your webpage you can increase the organic reach of it and create a brand name. The above five points can help writers and agencies to create SEO optimized content.


Local SEO for Beginners: How to Get Started

Local SEO can increase the visibility of your business in the online domain which will ultimately increase the footfall physically. By doing local SEO for your business you can get an upper hand on your local competitors.  The smallest of businesses like restaurants, grocery stores, medical shops, doctor's clinics can also get benefitted from local SEO. An impactful local SEO needs a combination of things like geo-targeted optimization, business listings, backlinks, content marketing, and user-generated reviews. All these are discussed in the sections to follow.

What Exactly is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a method by which your online content gets listed on the top results of the search engines for any particular keyword. The SEO aims to improve the visibility of your business to the intended customers. The local SEO is an even more concentrated way of doing it. For local SEO one needs to concentrate on the users of a specific area.

Business Listings and Social Media Pages:


There are various search engines available nowadays but Google is the most popular name amongst all. Google My Business is one of the most popular and common listing websites. But there are various other options available as well like Binge, Yahoo, and Yelp, etc.

No matter where you list our business, it is important to keep our business pages up to date.

It is also required to keep giving updates on the social media pages of the organization.


Need to optimize the website for local customers:


Most of the technical requirements of local SEO are the same as traditional SEO, but local SEO has some specific elements as well such as contact information, operating hours, hyperlinking the local keywords, etc. Any business organization should compulsorily mention their operating hours and contact information on their business websites. Similarly, all the keywords or phrases having the location of the business should be present in title tags or the descriptions. You can even hyperlink the keywords which will give even more targeted results.


Content Marketing for Local Markets:

Content marketing plays an important role in all the local SEO campaigns. This can be done by creating such contents which are relevant to your location and business and identifying and creating advocates of your brand who can promote your brand on different social media

Effective Citations:

As much as the backlinks are important for any SEO, citations are equally or even more important. Citation is the mention of the brand name on third party websites. Those citations play a key role in the local SEO campaigns.

Customer Reviews:

Customer Reviews play a very vital role in local SEO. You can integrate these customer reviews on the business website and social media pages to get the maximum benefit. Remember positive customer reviews can only be achieved by quality products and excellent service.


Since most of the searches nowadays have done through mobiles therefore the businesses need to adapt to local SEO. It not only increases the footfall on your website but also makes you geographically relevant.



5 Ways To Increase Engagement On  Your Facebook Business Page

Have you observed the way the Facebook engagement of your page has been going down the spiral? Well, there is no need for you to get panicked. Although some of the recent changes that we have seen on the Facebook Algorithm have some of the digital marketers sweat, honesty this isn't that scary.

In summary, Facebook wants us to rethink the way one can earn comments, shares, and likes on the post. Here are the top 5 ways to increase engagement:

1.   Native Videos Need To Be Posted Directly On Facebook:

Rather than posting the comment on other platforms, try posting it directly on Facebook itself. When you do so, the video gets played automatically when the followers are scrolling through your feed. This will surely catch their attention and before anything else, they are already watching. The key aspect here is making sure the video isn't too long. You will get the most engagement from a video of 30 seconds to about a minute. 

2. Optimizing the Videos and Creating Playlists:

Whenever you are posting a video, make sure that all-important keywords are included in the description and title. Also having tags on the video will enhance the probability of feeds to show up on Facebook in relevant searches.  When you do that begin with adding them into your page playlist. This way when a viewer is looking at one video, other ones will play continuously after that. Another way for improving engagement is having a featured video, this will come on the top of the list.

3. Try To Go Live Often:

You can always take your video a step ahead when you go Live. When this happens, your video is going to show up on the top of the Facebook news feed of the followers. This will incase interaction with the page and the viewers will get a notification every time you go live, building engagement sooner. After the live stream is over, the video remains on the top of the page and you can promote it further by sharing on different other social media platforms.

4. Check Facebook Insights For Information That You Might Use:

Understand that for each business the social media strategy will be different. Check the insights every month and keep a note of the content that’s engaging your audience. So here we are not only talking about the topics but also format.

5. Post Content that’s Exclusive:

Have feeds that provide exclusive content just on your Facebook Page. This can be the release of a recent study or data that you post here before you go ahead with the website. Make these exclusive content unavailable anywhere else. This can also include offers like contests, flash sales, or special discounts. 

Bottom Line:

In the end, you just need to make sure that you have some kind of strategy planned for the Facebook strategy. The good news is the top tips that have mentioned in the article makes sure that you don’t have to go for any further research, and implementation will be enough.



Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Is Your Digital Strategy Updated?

It is vital to understand that the modern-day world that we live in currently, a huge part of marketing is digital. Customers and business owners alike can be found online with ease. This also requires you for updating the digital strategy that you have from time to time.  Here we shall discuss observing if you are moving ahead with time when it comes to digital marketing and to see if it's updated.

What is Digital Strategy?

A digital strategy is the use of digital technology for business models and forming the new business capacity. For the future having an effective digital strategy is going to be the key factor for reaching the top of any business.

How to know if the digital strategy needs an update?

1. As per the importance, you are not giving enough budget or attention to it:

There is a strong chance that if you have an insufficient resource that is being devoted to the proper planning and execution of the digital strategy it must have already started to make it difficult for the client to effectively responding to the competitive business.

2. You are still wasting your time and money on duplication:

There is also a high chance that if you do have sufficient resources it is still going to complete waste. This is the main case where bigger companies that you see are buying tools and making use of agencies for performing a similar marketing task. So you have to make sure that any content that you do put on the website is free from duplication.

3. You are not being alert for catching up to stay ahead in making effective digital strategy:

If you observe any of the top companies like Google, Amazon, Zappos these are all dynamic. They also have a new approach for gaining as well as keeping the visitors engaged. You need to learn from them and in case you differ a little, it will be an indication that you are lagging.

4. You are not focusing on optimization:

 Each of the companies that has a website is also going to have analytics. But a lot of senior managers are not sure if the team will be making time for reviewing and taking action accordingly. Once you have all of your basics correct, you will be able to make progress with constant improvements for the vital factors like search marketing and the overall user experience. 

5. If the present competitors are gaining the market share:

This is also one of the clear indications that digital strategy needs an update. In case you are not giving enough resources towards digital marketing, it will be seen in the manner that your competitors will be seen going ahead with the business.


So these are some of the important indications that you should keep in mind for understanding if the digital a strategy that you have is updated or not. The good news is that just a little effort can change things in no time.

Dwell Time and Organic CTR

Both Dwell time and Organic CTR remain one of the top metrics that are currently being mentioned in so many articles these days. Although, there is still confusion between the two and the way this can be useful for your business. Here we have all of the details that you need in understanding the two concepts.
What Is meant by Dwell Time?
Dwell time remains the time length for every person that has been spending while they are looking at the webpage after they had clicked on the link of a SERP page but before they are clicking back towards the SERP result.
Most likely this is something that you might have done a lot of times. This is the small moment where you are evaluating the webpage that you had just clicked for visiting. This is sometimes provided instantly for the answer that you had been searching for or could have been small failure after which you had clicked the back button quickly.
Now the value of this specific metric for search engine is simple and obvious. The more time you have been spending on consuming the page content of a specific link, the higher will be the possibility that the page is fulfilling the needs that you have.
How can one impact the Dwell Time?
There is absolutely no one specific thing that could be done for positively impacting the dwell time. Although, there can be examples where the impact can be made. Here we are talking about the improvement of the overall experience of the user and also making delivery of content on the pages that is useful for the user.
So don't put on the auto roll video while a user tries to visit the website as the users don't like that anymore. Also, try not to bury specific answers low on the website page below the huge header image.
So be sure that the content that is put on is easier for finding and also obvious. Therefore this is going to be the main thing that any visitor would be looking at when they come to your website.

What is the importance of Organic CTR matter:

In case you were able to have some good positions on SERP it is great. But the highest-ranking will not be guaranteeing visit on the site. Something that matters is the number of people that had been clicking on the list. You require a number of visitors that are likely to sticking around and converting.
How can one raise organic CTR:
There are little efforts that can be helpful in this regard:
1.     Optimizing the pages with low-quality scores:
So download the query data for you through Google Search console. Then sort out specific paged with low CTR and then prioritize them.

2. Combine the SEO keyword with the amazing headlines:

Any kind of emotions be it of disgust, anger, fear, and affirmations had been proven for enhancing the click-through with conversion rates. 

5 Common Problems For Digital Startups

Now let's face it, we are presently living in the age where the startups have been exploding and can be seen almost everywhere. The simple excitement that can be seen in the entrepreneurs is a force that one thinks about. The individuals have been losing the opportunity for proving the worth in the current culture that thrives on innovation as well as technology.
But one of the things that one needs to keep in mind as a digital startup is that there are specific issues that they will face. And need to consider so that business doesn't disappear.
1.     Strong competition:
The digital corporate world is fierce. Even the biggest companies of the industry work hard for remaining ahead in the business. So you need to think about the competition that you will face for making sure that your digital startup survives.  Such an environment will be keeping the business that you own on its toes. There is a specific need for making aggressive strategies that include marketing and offering high-quality services so that much-needed recognition is seen.
2. Having an unrealistic expectation:
Most of the times people that begin their start-ups seem to have unrealistic expectations. Initially, it is highly recommended that you are just able to maintain sustainability and this will need a constant effort. Also, for succeeding in the competitive world when you have expectations that are controlled, and you have the resource availability in mind with the growth potential that one can have are some of the vital factors to think about.
3. Finance management:
Finances are one of the important issues that you need to remember about even before thinking of going ahead with your digital start-up. When your income is going to increase so will your expenditure. Especially with a start-up there is a requirement of huge finances and most of the time there is a need of investors that one will be relying on. So poor management of finances is going to back-fire and has to be handled very carefully.
4. Cyber Security:
In this digital business that you are in the survival of the business online is vital. There are so many security threats online. Hackers are almost found in every part of the world. They will be surely searching for a loophole in the online system that you have in your firm. Digital startups are facing such issues a lot more and there can be unauthorized access that will leak the sensitive information. Things like employee details, bank account details, that is very crucial for any company is under high risk.
5. Being able to make a perfect team:
One of the most vital factors that shall be defining the digital startup culture is team synergy. There is a need for building a team that has identical capabilities and a similar focus. For being able to make a successful team culture, there is a need for hiring the candidates suitable for specific roles.
So these were some of the major problems that any digital startup tends to face and should be worked well upon for the business to do well.

A Guide To CRO

Did you know that more than 75 % of the company is not satisfied with the conversion rate they currently have? This is a reassuring sign for awareness, but this also means there is a need for converting more visitors to the customer. This is also called as Conversion Rate Optimization and remains a huge challenge for the companies.
Being the marketer, the probability is that you might also be facing the business challenges that have been related to conversion optimization. If this is the case we are going to help you out.  Here you will see a detailed guide for an overview of the conversion rate optimization so that better strategies can be made and you get the expert insight vital for running successfully the CRO campaigns.
What is meant by conversion Rate Optimization?
CRO is the abbreviation for Conversion Rate Optimization. This is a process by which the companies present online are able to optimize the digital asset for driving more number of visitors and in the required direction.
You might get confused at this point as you might believe that CRO means turning the visitors to becoming customers. You are not completely wrong here but nor all of the websites are made for attracting the new customers. Some of the other websites are media-driven and informative that also means that video view and newsletter subscription also counts as a conversion for these. As per the website goal, the main aim of CRO is the conversion of passive visitors to active visitors and these needs to be done in a manner that the marketing objectives are met.
In simple terms, CRO also means that the user insight and analytics are used as main performance indicators.
What is the importance of CRO for the companies?  
Right now, you mainly have three choices to make:
1.     Driving more traffic:
This will be an expensive strategy.
2. Adding more products:
This will mean that there will be an enhanced production cost.
3. Conversion of more visitors to the customer:
Undoubtedly this is the easiest solution available.
The first two options that we have seen have huge drawbacks. They do need a lot of investment for a paid advertisement that includes HR, Social media, SEO. While one can do this potentially, it is not definitive that the cost won't go over the advantages that you make.
This is where the CRO is of immense help. So instead of having over a million additional visitors each month, you can twist some of the website attributes for increasing the conversion accordingly.  One good thing about CRO is that with small changes you can get huge results.
Defining the main objectives for the CRO campaigns:
You need to keep in mind that none of the marketing strategies should be run without the specific objectives kept in mind. The fact is that you won’t be able to have a good CRO strategy if you are not clear on the goals or not monitoring the correct KPI.